Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Financial Support

DVA Income Support

 DVA Income Support covers a wide range of payments and benefits that you and your family may be able to access, including;

  • Service Pension
  • Incapacity Payments
  • Veteran Payment
  • Crisis Payment
  • Allowances

 DVA provides this information broken down into policy documentation and eligibility criteria outlined.

DVA Payment Rates

 The DVA ‘rate charts’ can help veterans estimate or compare how much DVA may pay you based on your current situation and these charts show DVA’s limits on age, disability, injury, income and more.

  • Compensation payment rates for DRCA &the Defence Act
  • Compensation payment rates for MRCA
  • How couples can work out payable Service Pension
  • How payments are calculated under the VEA
  • Rates for the Disability Pension and War Window(er)’s Pension
  • Summary of pension rates, limits and allowances.

DVA Financial Support for Families

DVA provides pensions, education schemes and payments to support eligible family members of veterans who meet certain criteria.

DVA Gold Card/White Card Discounts and Concessions

Discounts & Concessions

Throughout Australia there are discounts and concessions available to DVA Gold Card/White Card holders, and this information is kept up to date by DVA. It must be noted that these discounts and concessions are set fourth be each individual state, and will vary accordingly from state to state.

DVA Administrative Support

Appeals –

Through the DVA Appeals process you can ask DVA to review your claim if you disagree with the decision. DVA provides information on;

  • Helping to understand a decision
  • How to appeal a claim decision
  • Reconsiderations and review of decisions
  • Requesting a review of DVA’s decision
  • Legislation for reviews and appeals
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

DVA Veteran Card

ADF Permanent Pay Rates Table

Rental Allowance Calculator

ADF Pay and Conditions

ADF Allowances

ADF Overseas Deployments & Postings

ADF Leave

Defence Service Centre

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