Why Wayne Bemet?

– 20 Years Australian Defence Force Experience.
– Has lived and breathed the life of a Serviceman.
– Understand the unique needs of having a life in the ADF.

Who would you rather trust?

Someone with life experience, intimate knowledge of the ADF and what it has to offer in pay structure, allowances and the other unique salary packaging for defence members…


A banker teller who will have little to no idea on how to handle your unique defence pay and allowance structure.

Wayne has researched and used the banks that will accept 100% of your allowances in servicing your loan.

You deal directly with Wayne.

He speaks your language and understands your pay structure, allowances and service requirements.

Wayne’s knowledge will be the difference in negotiating a great deal for you.

I am independent of the banks.
I am a direct liaison.
I don’t palm it off for an external business to do.
I own the process

I am Wayne Bemet
At your service!