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Have you been discharged or have retired from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and have been provided with compensation or a pension? If so it is essential you seek the advice of a FASEA Qualified Financial Planner to ensure the security of your financial future.

For most veterans a transition away from full-time work onto a Department Of Veterans Affairs (DVA) payment or pension means a significant shift in their finances. At National Service Financial (NSF), we facilitate financial planning specifically for veterans to ensure they can enjoy a comfortable life outside of service.

Why Speak With A Financial Adviser?

Engaging the professional expertise of a financial planner is highly recommended for anyone seeking a secure financial plan. It is especially helpful for veterans facing retirement or an early discharge as their financial situation is subject to a significant shift in these situations.
A financial adviser helps individuals to better understand their financial situation and provides professional advice on how to manage investments. They can also help to minimise the risk associated with mismanagement of finances – thereby reducing financial stress.
At National Service Financial As the DVA offer to pay for financial advice for veterans receiving Special Rate Disability Payments (SRDP), Medical Discharge payouts and other forms of compensation there really is no reason not to seek out a qualified financial planner.

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Worrying about how to pay for life’s essentials or whether you can afford the life you desire post ADF service, is something a FASEA Qualified Financial Planner can help you avoid.

How Our Financial Advisers Can Help Veterans
With Their Personal Finance

There are several areas in which a financial adviser can assist veterans to reach their financial goals. We provide personal financial advice relating to: our goal is to support veterans to live their lives post-service free of financial worries through our dedicated financial services.

Assistance with ADF Special Rate Disability pension for ADF Members

Special Rate Disability Pension (SPRDP)

In this scenario, we facilitate financial advice and planning aimed at ensuring veterans receive an ongoing source of income while receiving an SRPD. As your trusted financial adviser we work to understand your financial situation and help you utilise this pension in a way that supports your lifestyle.

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Medical Discharge ADF

Following ADF Medical Discharge and the approval of a disability payment, we provide financial advice and planning of how best to manage this payment.
We recognise that living on a disability payment can represent a challenge for many veterans and work to create an optimal financial plan for a comfortable future.

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DHOAS (Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme)

NSF is an accredited mortgage broker for DHOAS home loans through Australian Defence Credit union.   As one of a few financial institutions able to facilitate this, this means we are best positioned to provide the home loan. It also means we are the ideal team to give financial advice and planning relating to this financial product.

ADF Transition

After retiring from the ADF, National Service Financial can provide financial advice and financial planning on how to best utilise your superannuation as part of your retirement planning. This includes investing your super in property or investigating other investment opportunities.
We provide advice on how this can be applied to the transition from the ADF through to civilian life, ensuring an ongoing source of income.

Financial Planning From
Qualified Financial

At National Service Financial we are a recognised financial planning association and one of only a handful of Australian financial services that specialise in helping veterans secure their financial future. Our team of financial advisers are genuine, compassionate and highly motivated to help veterans enjoy the best possible quality of life following their departure from the ADF.
Whether you are seeking an investment adviser or financial products related to home loans, engaging a financial adviser from NSF can ensure you get the most from your DVA payments. We know that transitioning to civilian life and navigating the DVA claims process can be challenging enough. This is why we work to simplify financial planning and eliminate the stress so often linked with a change in your financial situation.
If you are seeking exceptional financial advice from highly qualified financial advisers, then NSF should be your first and only call. With financial advice recommended and compensated for veterans seeking to enhance their financial literacy, there really has never been a better time to speak with a financial adviser.
To work with our specialised team of financial advisers, contact our office today on 02 4347 9444.

Making the most of your service time in the ADF