National Service Financial have forged key relationships to ensure our clients have access to mortgage brokers, conveyancing, accounting and financial planning services as well as Legal and various Ex Service Organisations to ensure we capture every level of expertise required in delivering our holisitc defence solutions.

As Founder and director of NSF Wayne is on hand to advise and guide our planners and brokers in servicing our military clients to the highest level.

We adopt the mantra of an holistic approach when it comes to your finance. By establishing solid base foundations, we will lay the platform for you to springboard towards financial independence.

Additionally we offer some of the most innovative products available from bank and non-bank lenders.

With access to over 40 lenders and Hundreds of Loan Options National Service Financial offer you a complete financial service rather than just home loans.

In fact by talking to NSF as a holisitic defence based financial services enterprise you will be tapping into a fantastic network of professionals to service our Veteran clients.

Regardless of whether you are a First Home Buyer, astute Property Investor, or Business Owner, National Service Financial will partner with you to build your financial success, and guide you through the myriad of options. We will be there for you every step of the way and for the life of the loan.

As members of the MFAA, NFS and Galaxy Finance and Property Group live by the MFAA Code of Practice. The code ensures professional standards are set and maintained and that we operate under ethical and fair business practices.

National Service Financial is a trusted, dynamic team aspiring to provide valued advice that enhances the lives of our ADF community.

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Our Vision and Values

We are tackling the problem of ADF members not making the most of their service financially. We are also dedicated to assist transitioning members to hit the ground running by educating members about THEIR financial position moving forward from discharge.

Integrity – It’s at our core in the way we act and delivered in the advice we give to clients

Empowering – Lifting those around us to ensure that they achieve all they can What You see is What You Get – We are straight talkers – no bullshit….

Defence Community – Proud to provide ongoing support and sponsorship to veteran owned businesses and support networks Australia wide.

Giving Back – a business growth strategy to employ veterans and their partners as we grow our network

TRUST – To be the pillar of Trust for our ADF community “At your service” – Wayne Bemet

NSF Story

Hi all, thanks again for connecting. A little about myself. I served 19 years with the Royal Australian Navy and Airforce, which saw me on Operational deployments on 5 occasions. I was medically discharged in 2017 after I blew both my knees out as well as a combination of existing injuries. This forced me to re-invent and re-educate myself for a life moving forward. Having been through the transition process I personally know how hard it can be and the specific issues that transitioning members face. My transition went quite well, as I was quite diligent and willing to research as well as surround myself with people that could help.

It was my journey that lead me to form the company to assist other veterans as they face the challenges of transitioning and how they then re-establish themselves in the civilian world. I have the belief that veteran founded business is perfectly placed to assist in transition and to navigate the myriad of complex financial issues that veterans face moving forward. Veterans understand and trust their veteran community.

I have been successful to date in forging key relationships and have been steadily building a suite of professionals to assist in this social impact enterprise. Companies that I have been successful in forging a relationship with include Legacy Australia, With You With Me, Galaxy Finance and Property, Swiss 8, Royal Australian Navy Rugby League, Shartru Wealth, Coherics and Mixed Mediums, Wright Lawyers as well as we are at the initial stages of working with the Defence Community Organisation. Plus a host of Defence Force Members, both current and Ex-serving.

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NSF is committed to solving the ADF transition problem. Far too many of our Veterans are getting bogged down in red tape and not having the effective transition experience that they need. NSF has identified the “Stuff that Matters” for an effective transition. It is our Mission to create a sustainable transition pathway for our Veteran Community.

Tricia Martin – Virtual Intern
Transition Guide
National Service Financial official partner with Virtual Intern - Transition Guide

NSF has partnered with SMEAC, a Veteran Organisation committed to the well being of our Veteran Community. SMEAC has created a Veteran Hub in Brisbane to help meet the needs of our Veteran Community. NSF is supplying the essential service of financial and transition advice for the hub.
SMEAC – Official Veteran Organisation Partner – Financial Planning and Wellness Transition

SMEAC is official partners with National Service Financial
Wellness and Essential Services.
NSF sees a massive gap in providing essential services for our Veteran Community. Based on pillars of Wellness and engagement, NSF sees a great opportunity for a dedicated service satisfying tailored needs and services as required by the individual Veteran.
Adam Prince – Welldesk
Welldesk partnered with National Service Financial
Kompass Is the Sister Company of NSF focusing on Veteran Wellbeing and Civilan Pathways. Kompass fulfils the role of providing essential support and direction around the “Stuff that Matters” in a Veterans Transition Pathways.
kompass partnering with National Service Financial

National Service Financial (NSF) promotes financial awareness of issues that impact upon serving military personnel, transitioning personnel and veterans. We specialise in advice for members going through medical discharge and strongly believe that no one issue should be treated in isolation. Through a holistic approach we are here to help people at every stage in their military and post military life. We have outlined a range of issues that we believe need to be addressed in a wholistic approach to managing transition, as well as solving 2 key problems.

  1. Military personnel are not making the most of their time in service financially.
  2. The vast majority of members whom discharge have no real direction on how to survive their transition and then thrive in the outside world.

Importantly we have developed our NSF Pillars, which are physical/mental health, employment, education, finance, legal and resilience. We are seeking to promote awareness around these pillars and how ADF members need to consider them during and after they transition. We have aligned ourselves with a range of strategic partners, being people I had personal contact with through my transition, professionals in various fields, also companies they are nationally based and can provide a platform to assist military personnel, spouses and their families.

Since being medically discharged, I have established my own financial services and planning business. National Service Financial was established to provide financial advice to military personnel and veterans. I consider finance to be a key area for military personnel as there is little education around managing your money whilst you are within the ADF.

Am extremely proud to say that we are a self-funded and self-sustaining business. I have been happy to fund this concept as it is something that I am passionate about. We have had some dialogue with DVA around some of their funding options for transitioning personnel. The next stages for NSF this year is to create some more structured content through seminars, web based programs and online education content. To undertake this we are looking to partner with current ESOs to gain grant funding and other support from the government.