Transitioning out of the ADF

If you are preparing to transition into retirement following a career in the Australian Defence Force then engaging professional financial advice is essential. A successful transition into civilian life following a lifetime of military service can be challenging, particularly with the change in income that comes with it.

At National Service Financial (NSF), our team of highly-skilled FASEA Qualified Financial Planners and advisers, who support ADF members to navigate the financial aspects of this transition with ease.

ADF Transition - What does it mean?

An ADF Transition refers to the departure of a reserve or permanent defence member from active service and into civilian life. ADF transition is not as simple as just leaving service, it is an involved decision with many unique challenges.

There are many considerations an ADF member must consider as they transition such as where they will live, their children’s schooling, whether they will seek new employment, navigating a new medical system, creating a place in their new community, managing a change in their finances and more.

For many defence force personnel, they have spent decades in service and a shift to civilian life can be quite confronting. This is why seeking out genuine and qualified professionals skilled in offering support is so necessary at this time.

Permanent Impairment Payment

Financial Implications Of Transitioning

As with ending any type of employment, leaving the ADF will mean an inevitable change in your financial situation. Transitioning, whether due to retirement, medical condition or a desire to seek employment in the civilian sphere you will be entitled to a superannuation benefit with other possible payments also claimable through the DVA.

If you are of retirement age you will be able to access your superannuation immediately to supplement your income. If you are pre-retirement age, you will need to wait to access these funds until your nominated retirement age is reached.

However, your superannuation, as with any other financial entitlements can be utilised to support a more secure position whether you are ready to retire or not. At National Service Financial, we are proud providers of ADF transition services related to management of these ADF entitlements.

Defence Force Transition Program

Recognising the need for adequate support, the ADF offers a number of transition-related activities aimed at making the process easier for ADF members and their families. The Defence Force (ADF) Transition Program offers access to:

  • Family support
  • Employment services for partners
  • Relocation support services
  • Personalised coaching for transitioning members
  • Access to a financial adviser and other transition services.

These transition services aim to provide support to former ADF members so that their adjustment to civilian life is as stress-free as possible. With a focus on ensuring transitioning members, financial affairs are not adding to the challenges of transitioning the ADF offers to compensate members who seek out financial advice.

So that all transitioning service members can seek out financial support the DVA offers a financial contribution of up to $1000 for professional financial advice. This ensures all members can access essential financial advice.

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Why Seek Out Financial Support Services?

Following your decision to transition from an active defence member you may be entitled to a payout, compensation or superannuation through a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Understanding how to best utilise these payments to create an ongoing source of income for your future and that of your dependents is something NSF can assist with. Financial security is one of the leading causes of distress for permanent ADF members who have transitioned away from service.

By seeking out qualified financial advice an ADF member can ease this stress and create a comprehensive financial plan. This not only secures their financial future but ensures they can enjoy their ADF transition and civilian life with adequate financial support services.

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National Service Financial - We're All About You

As dedicated specialists in assisting veterans and ADF members to reintegrate into society following their ADF transition, NSF is the leading choice for any ADF member seeking financial advice.

We recognise the complex emotions and situations presented by the decision to transition, particularly the financial elements associated with it. Our team values your service and is committed to supporting you achieve your financial goals and creating the financial security you deserve.

National Service Financial offer expertise in financial literacy, alongside comprehensive financial planning and advice, for all transitioning ADF personnel.


Equipping You For A Civilian Life

At National Service Financial, we offer expertise in financial literacy alongside comprehensive financial planning and advice. Rather than simply outlining what we think you should do, we involve our clients in the process, ensuring we share the skills and knowledge they require to navigate their financial future with confidence.

Eligible Financial Advice for Medically Impaired Veterans

If you are awarded a permanent impairment rating of at least 50 impairment points, you are entitled for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to pay the cost of financial advice relating to this up to the cost of $2,684.17 (this amount is set by DVA and reviewed yearly). National Service Financial can offer this financial advice as a suitability qualified financial adviser and directly invoice DVA for this service, so you don’t have to wait for a reimbursement.
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No matter the reason for your decision to depart from the ADF, National Service Financial are the team you can trust to ensure that financial concerns do not impact negatively on your new life outside of service.

For exceptional financial support during your transition and beyond, speak with the team at National Service Financial today on 02 4347 9444 or 1300 580 802