Do you have a Medical Discharge from the ADF?

If you have been given a medical discharge from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) then chances are you are also facing a significant shift in your financial situation. Whether you will be able to enter civilian employment or remain medically unfit for work, it will be vital to review your financial situation and obtain qualified financial advice.

At National Service Financial our team of financial advisors specialise in supporting veterans to navigate their medical discharge from the ADF and the financial implications related to this. We help veterans get the most from their compensation, pension or incapacity payments. Our goal is to ensure they continue to receive a consistent income during their recovery and new life in the civilian sphere.

Financial Planning And Medical Discharge From The ADF

Have you ever experienced a rapid drop in your income or a sudden influx of cash that you had little to no experience in how to manage? When you are medically discharged, these are the exact scenarios you could be facing as a veteran.

Far from being freed from the constraints of employment and able to focus on medical care and rehabilitation, you will likely be faced with stressful financial consequences also. This of course is rarely helpful to your recovery and can, in fact, exacerbate medical conditions such as mental health or stress-induced blood pressure or heart issues.

This is why it is highly recommended, even by the DVA themselves, to seek professional financial advice from a recognised financial planner.
At National Service Financial, we have years of experience working with veterans as they shift into a new income stream and different lifestyle.

Permanent Impairment Payment

We facilitate the optimal use of any compensation such as pensions or lump sum payments with the goal to create a reliable income for veterans and reduce financial distress.

It is just one of the many exceptional services we provide to veterans to ensure their lives post medical discharge from the ADF are as financially stable and enjoyable as possible.

The Australian Defence Force And Medical Discharge

When ADF members are medically discharged due to a service-related injury or illness there are a number of support services and avenues for financial compensation available. This benefits scheme is accessible to all medically discharged members of the air force and greater defence force.

If you are a veteran that has made a compensation claim through the Department Of Veterans Affairs (DVA) following medical discharge from the ADF you may be approved for one or more of the following:

Incapacity Payments

Incapacity payments are compensation for economic loss due to your inability to work on a normal capacity due to your injury or illness acquired while in service.

While they may initially be paid at a rate 100% equal to your original salary, this rate decrease over time, causing financial difficulty and distress for some veterans.

Medical Discharge Permanent Impairment Payement

Permanent Impairment Payments

When the illness or injury is recognised to be permanent or indefinite with regards to recovery this is judged to be a permanent impairment (PI). PI payments can be made fortnightly or in lump sum payments with the amount payable being determined through the DVA’s assessment criteria.

These lump-sum payments or invalidity benefits are often linked to a veterans commonwealth superannuation corporation benefits. Lump-sum payments can seem a real win financially, however, without careful management, can be quickly depleted, leaving veterans in financial distress.

DVA Pension

There are several types of pension available through the DVA depending on the reasons linked to your medical discharge from the ADF including income support or disability pensions.

All defence-related claims for financial support or compensation must be handled by the discharged ADF member or a qualified DVA claims support entity. We recommend speaking with an expert in this area to ensure you receive the maximum entitlements and necessary support available.

How We Can Help

At National Service Financial we are experts at helping medically discharged Australian Defence Force personnel achieve optimal financial security. We recognise that leaving the ADF and all that military service entails is an incredibly challenging transition, particularly when it is linked to illness or injury.

We are passionate about minimising the stress related to financial concerns for veterans so that can more fully focus on their recovery and adjustment to civilian life. While we do not help members secure compensation following medical discharge from the ADF, we ensure that it is well used and invested.

As FASEA Qualified Financial Planners we are adept at guiding veterans in how to manage lump sum payments or a shift in their financial security.

Affordable Advice With Zero Compromises

Concerned that you will be unable to afford qualified financial advice due to your change in circumstances? As the DVA offers to compensate veterans for the fees related to seeking financial advice this means there are no charges for our services for qualifying veterans.

As our services are accessible through the DVAs financial literacy benefits, it simply makes sense to engage financial planning support. As the team at National Service Financial have relevant experience with veteran-specific financial concerns, this makes us the leading choice for financial advice.

Regardless of whether our services are paid for through the DVA or direct, we guarantee to offer the same professional and outstanding guidance we are known for. We will never compromise on the quality of advice or time spent on ensuring you feel equipped to navigate your finances post discharge.

For practical, intelligent financial solutions post medical discharge from the ADF from a team that genuinely cares, contact National Financial Solutions today on 02 4347 9444 or free call on 1300 580 802.