Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme

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Aimed at boosting the Australian Defence Force’s recruitment and retention rates, the DHOAS acts as an incentive for members and assists them to secure their own homes. With a number of conditions linked to receiving this assistance, it is essential that ADF members seek qualified financial advice.

The team at NSF are experts in debt reduction strategies and have access to a network of finance professionals from a variety of lenders (including DHOAS). Learn how the DHOAS can benefit Australian Defence Force members and secure your financial future with the help of our expert team.

What Is A Defence Force Home Loan?

Defence Force Home Loans or DHOAS are speciality loans only available to Australian Defence Force Members. These loans have specific lending criteria and offer monthly subsidy payments to the lendee to offset the loan amount and aid in its repayment.

The Department of Veterans Affairs manages all elements of the DHOAS approvals and subsidy payments dispersals on behalf of Defence Australia.

Everything you need to know anout a defence force home loan
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How Does It Work?

Once you have checked your eligibility criteria and obtained your subsidy certificate, you will then need to go through the application process for your DHOAS loan through an approved provider. The amount you are permitted to borrow and the interest rates applied to the loan will be determined by the lender.

Costs such as lenders’ mortgage insurance and stamp duty will also need to be taken into account. You will still be assessed under similar criteria to non-ADF members and subject to a fixed period interest rate or variable rate depending on what your lender offers through their DHOAS loans. The monthly subsidy values are paid directly to your loan account rather than to you as the owner of the loan. You can use this to offset your monthly repayments or as extra repayments that help you to pay your loan off sooner.

The team at NSF are experts in debt reduction strategies and have access to a network of finance professionals from a variety of lenders (including DHOAS) to help our clients own their home sooner.

Requirements Of The Ownership Assistance Scheme (DHOAS)

Once you have qualified for and secured your DHOAS home loan, you will need to keep in mind a few strict criteria including but not limited to:

  • The loan can be used to buy land, build a home, renovate or extend your existing home but cannot be used to purchase an investment property.
  • The lendee must live at the property for a minimum of 12 months, however, this condition can also be met by having a recognised dependent living at the address. After 12 months you may rent it out as an investment and continue to receive the subsidy payments so long as your DHOAS loan remains in place.
  • If you move out of the property before 12 months or sell it to move to a new location, you must notify the DVA immediately so the subsidy payments can be stopped or transferred to a new DHOAS loan.
  • The subsidy will not be paid on a loan where any part of the property is held in place for a trustee or as a beneficiary of a trust.
  • No subsidy will be paid on a property that is primarily for the purpose of carrying on a business, trade or profession.
  • You may refinance but only to the original value of the initial loan, all transfer fees and levies are to be paid by ADF members.

NSA - And The Home Purchase Assistance Scheme

At National Service Financial we are experts in DHOAS home loans, offering professional advice to home buyers from the ADF. We have in-depth knowledge of the lenders (Australian Military Bank, Defence Bank and NAB) and are able to help defence personnel secure the best possible loan to meet their needs and financial position.

We compare DHOAS loans with existing home loan rates from other providers to ensure ADF personnel and ex ADF personnel get the best home loan and lowest interest rate available to them.

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We Facilitate Home Ownership And Promote Financial Security

At NSF we have our client’s optimal financial future in mind and work to ensure that they can easily service the maximum loan amount and its associated interest repayments. We review your financial goals and current financial situation and tailor our approach, this allows us to deliver over and above expectations.

As a specialist mortgage broker for ADF members and veterans, we have a unique understanding of your lifestyle and the complexities that can come with securing a DHOAS loan.

For dedicated, genuine and qualified financial advice paired with unmatched expertise regarding DHOAS loans, contact NSF today on 02 4347 9444
or 1300 580 802.