ADF Transition Guide

Support with ADF Transition

The ADF Transition Guide is an important tool for anyone leaving the Australian Defence Force, and their families, to help make a smooth transition into private life beyond their military employment.

Stepping away from their ADF service and into the private sector, can be an exciting and anxious time for military personnel and their families. There may be uncertainty around finding a new home, removals, employment, finances, and settling into a new role as a civilian and what that means.

This is where the National Service Financial ADF Transition Guide can help. It includes helpful resources, such as websites, which offer an insight into the affects this critical stage of life can have on individuals and their families, and strategies to help cope with any uncertainty. The Transition Guide also provides key information from various policy documents, like helpful advice on finding new job opportunities, financial management tips, and much more.

If you are leaving the ADF service and need some great advice and guidance from other ex-ADF personnel who have already been through this process, download the ADF Transition Guide today and contact NSF for further assistance.