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Are you a current or former Australian Defence Force member hoping to make use of the Defence Home Ownership Scheme (DHOAS)? Seeking a defence accredited mortgage brokers that are authorised to source and secure defence home loans?

At National Service Financial, not only are we FASEA-qualified financial planners but we are also defence accredited mortgage brokers for the DHOAS. Able to navigate the complexities of the DHOAS and source entitled ADF members competitive loans, we offer unmatched service paired with top-tier financial expertise.  

The Defence Home Ownership Scheme 

One of the many benefits offered to current and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) the Defence Home Ownership Scheme (DHOAS) offers subsidies towards home loan repayments.  


Defence Accredited Mortgage Brokers

How To Qualify  

To access a DHOAS loan through one of our defence accredited mortgage brokers, you must have completed a qualifying period of service and accrue the required service credits. 

There are three subsidy tiers, each one providing differing subsidy amounts towards repayment of your home loan. The current qualifying period for service advice is as follows: 

Tier 1 

You must have served at least four years in permanent service or eight years in reserve service.  

Tier 2 

You must have served at least eight years in permanent service or twelve years in reserve service.  

Tier 3  

You must have served at least twelve years in permanent service or sixteen years in reserve service.  


The longer you have served, the higher the subsidised loan amount can be and the higher your monthly subsidy will be. All DHOAS subsidy amounts are calculated using the same formula. That is, 37.5% of the median interest rate that is applicable to the approved subsidised portion of your home loan over 25 years. This same formula is applied regardless of your home loan period or the bank interest rate applied. 

You may take out a loan of higher value than the approved subsidised amount, but the subsidy will only apply to the interest levied on the approved portion.  


The DHOAS also levies other qualifying criteria and conditions related to occupancy and how the loan is intended to be used. You can learn more about these conditions here. 

NSF Defence Accredited Mortgage BrokersWhich Banks Offer DHOAS Loans 

The right to offer DHOAS loans are exclusively held by only three banks in Australia, these are The Australian Military Bank, Defence Bank Limited (Defence Bank) and National Australia Bank (NAB) 

“Each of these banks has developed a range of DHOAS loan products designed to meet the needs of the applicants while also remaining highly competitive.”   

Applicants do not need to have banked with any of these banks prior to applying for a DHOAS loan.  

What Do You Need To Apply? 


Once you have determined your eligibility for a DHOAS loan, you will need to obtain your subsidy certificate. This is done via the submission of an online application form. A DHOAS subsidy certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and once used to secure a loan, cannot be reused.   

Alongside this certificate, we require the same paperwork as you would supply for any other mortgage application including:Defence Accredited Mortgage Brokers

  • Proof of identity. Usually, 100 points of ID will be required, this must include at least one form of photo ID such as your license or passport
  • Proof of income from pay slips or a letter from your employer 
  • Details o your usual expenses including household bills, grocery costs and childcare expenses 
  • Documentation for any assets you possess (including any savings) 
  • Details of any debts or liabilities and 
  • Information related to the property you intend to purchase (if already identified). If you are refinancing, this must be provided.   

How Our Experienced Defence Accredited Mortgage Brokers Can Help  

At National Service Financial, we take a special interest in supporting ADF members, both current and former, to make the most of their entitlements. Owned and run by a former ADF member, we understand the challenges faced by working for the ADF and how this can impact your home ownership goals.  


Working as both qualified financial planners and accredited mortgage brokers for the DHOAS we support our clients to achieve optimal financial stability while also supporting them toHow Our Experienced Defence Accredited Mortgage Brokers Can Help   realise their dreams of home ownership.  


We have an in-depth knowledge of the DHOAS scheme itself, its qualifying criteria and all conditions. Paired with our expertise as defence accredited mortgage brokers, we deliver unmatched advice that you can trust.  


To begin your DHOAS loan application process or to learn more about the scheme, contact National Service Financials’ defence accredited mortgage brokers today at 1300 580 802.