Financial Challenges ADF Veterans Can Face

Whether you’re a recently discharged Veteran or have been navigating this shift for some time, there’s no denying that there are significant and often negative financial implications associated with being a Veteran.

At National Service Financial, we work to help ADF Veterans, at all stages, to navigate the shift of leaving defence and support to take charge of their finances for a secure financial future. We know the financial challenges ADF Veterans can face and we are here to help!

Common Financial Concerns For Australian Defence Force Veterans

Veterans often face increased financial pressure following their departure from the ADF. These challenges can be quite different from other defence personnel that depart active service.

There are several contributing factors to this pressure including but not limited to the following:

Change In Income

Inevitably, departing full-time employment and the salary that goes with it takes a huge financial toll on ADF Veterans. Most Veterans, while entitled to some form of DVA compensation such as incapacity payments, Special Rate Disability Pension, income support or permanent impairment, will still be facing a drop in their income.

For eligible Veterans it can also take quite some time to apply for these payments and for the DVA to process claims, only further adding to a Veteran’s struggle to maintain their financial wellbeing.

Lack Of Employment

Financial Challenges ADF Veterans Can FaceWhile many ADF Veterans may still be approved to join the civilian workforce and forge a new career, this is often in a reduced capacity.

Some transitioning members will not be able to work again or will be excluded from working under the terms of their DVA-approved payments and following advice of clinical experts.

Whether due to reduced ability or a need for a different skill set, this severely limits an ADF Veteran’s ability to earn additional income. This not only contributes to financial stress for former ADF members but can also have an impact on their mental health.

Many of us find our self worth in our work and benefit from the meaningful engagement this provides with the wider community.

Compromised Physical And Mental Health

As so many ADF Veterans are medically dischargeddue to illness or physical injury acquired during military service, they depart with additional health care needs. This causes yet more financial pressure with rehabilitation services and specialist appointments they are required to attend.

There are of course DVA allowances for much of this care, such as non liability health care, but there can still be out-of-pocket costs associated with mental health services and seeing other health professionals.

Worryingly, for Veterans navigating a mental health condition, the added stress from financial worries can worsen their mental health issues.

Changes To Allowances

Receiving a DVA pension or payment can see Veterans no longer being eligible for other entitlements such as Family Tax Benefits, Child Care Subsidies, Child Support, parental leave payments and more. 

For an ADF Veteran, finding a balance between their former income and allowances and their new income and change in these allowances can be incredibly overwhelming.

Finding A Solution

Understanding that financial challenges are detrimental to an ADF Veteran’s ongoing rehabilitation and transition into the civilian world and their new civilian life, the DVA offers reimbursement for qualified financial advice. 

While early intervention can help you reach your goals sooner, it is never too late to access services relating to your financial health.

A financial planner can help Veterans with a successful transition by providing them with:

Help with reviewing their financial situation and an objective opinion.

An outline of their essential expenses, ways to free up some of their income and help to create a workable budget around these key components.

Support to set realistic financial goals and achieving them

Reduce the stress and worry associated with the change in their income.

Renewed confidence in their ability to provide for themselves and their families.

Ways in which to grow their wealth for long-term financial health and stability. 

While the DVA provides some payment towards financial advice, they will not advise on specific financial advisors. To access the subsidised services provided by Veterans Affairs relating to financial advice ADF Veterans must only see FASEA-qualified financial advisors.

Where To Find Help

At National Service Financial, not only are we FASEA-qualified, but we also specialise in supporting Veterans, serving ADF members and former members. Owned and operated by a former ADF member, we have first-hand experience of a life in service. As like-minded people, we deeply understand the unique circumstances Veterans face.

“We are passionate about supporting Veterans to take control of their finances and eliminate financial pressures so they can better focus on their transition.” 

Our skill and expertise concerning DVA payments mean we are best positioned to provide Veterans with advice regarding them and how to make the most of them.

No matter where you are in your journey as a Veteran, we are committed to helping you live a life free of financial stress. 


For genuine, professional and intelligent financial solutions for ADF Veterans as well as current and former members of the Australian Defence Force, contact National Service Financial today at (02) 4347 9444.