Planning Your ADF Transition  

Are you preparing to transition out of the ADF and into retirement? If so, there are several big changes ahead, particularly when it comes to your income so planning your ADF Transition is vital.

To support your transition and ensure you are adequately prepared to maintain the lifestyle you desire in retirement, it is highly recommended you speak with a financial planner.

At National Service Financial, we specialise in supporting former ADF members to prepare for and navigate their transition to retirement. As highly skilled FASEA Qualified Financial Planners with personal experience in ADF service, we’re committed to helping you enjoy the retirement you deserve.  

What Is ADF Transition?  

Not only for those seeking to retire from active service ADF Transition also refers to any permanent defence member who is transitioning to civilian life and leaving the ADF entirely. Unlike the departure from other careers, leaving the ADF comes with many unique challenges and considerations.  

An ADF member is likely to be confronted with some big decisions including but not limited to:

  • Where they will live. 
  • Their children’s schooling should they still have dependents. 
  • Whether they want to seek out new employment. 
  • Making sense of a new medical system. 
  • How they can integrate into their new community.   
  • Changes in their finances and more.


 For most defence force personnel, the shift into civilian life after decades of service in the unique environment of the ADF is quite difficult and at times overwhelming. To ease the challenges presented by this transition, it is best to seek out qualified professionals who can support you in this journey.  

The Defence Force Transition Program 

The ADF is wholly aware of how hard the transition away from service can be. As a result, they provide access to several transition-related support services and activities. Designed to support both ADF members and their families, the transition program offers access to:  

Planning Your ADF TransitionPlanning Your ADF Transition includes Family Support

This includes coaching services as well as connecting members and their families to community groups in their new area. They are also invited to attend a transition seminar that provides valuable insights into the process ahead.  

Additional support is accessible through Defence Member and Family Support (DMFS). The DMFS specialises in moving and relocation, managing times of difficulty, supporting children their parents and wider family and deployment. They also provide emergency and crisis support when needed.  

Employment Services For Partners 

Should a member’s partner have their career or existing role impacted by their departure and having to relocate, the ADF will connect them with professional employment services.  

Relocation Support Services 

The ADF understands that moving away from your base or posting location has many practical and emotional considerations, particularly if children are involved. These services help you orchestrate your move seamlessly with as little disruption to your family as possible.    

Personalised Coaching 

Hoping to start a new career outside the ADF or simply need guidance on how to find a new purpose after service? Personalise coaching helps you find focus and settle into your new life.   

Your transition coach can also support you to achieve recognition of prior learning for future employment as desired. 


Access To Financial Planners 

Dealing with commonwealth superannuation, DVA pensions, compensation payments and more? A qualified financial planner that understands these unique financial circumstances can help you make the most of your finances and eliminate the stress that comes with a change in your income.  


“The goal of the transition program is to try and minimise the stress and discomfort members and their families face during this time.”  


One of the most beneficial services on offer is financial planning. These services are compensated by the ADF (up to $1000) and help members to maintain financial security following their departure from service.

How Transitioning Impacts Your Finances

Whether you’re transitioning with a goal to retire, due to a medical condition or desire to seek out a new career, you will have superannuation and other possible DVA-related payments to manage.  

If you are not yet of retirement age, you will be unable to access your superannuation or pension.

In most instances, departing the ADF is going to mean a sudden drop in your income. This understandably can cause concern, however with proper financial advice from a specialist in this area, you can still enjoy financial security.

How You Can Benefit From Financial Support Services

While there is no formal requirement for a transitioning member to utilise financial support services, it is highly recommended. Given the cost of these services is compensated by the ADF, it simply makes sense to take advantage of a financial planner’s expertise.  

As so many transitioning ADF members are juggling DVA claims, compensation payments, Commonwealth superannuation and more, it is essential that these are being properly managed. Particularly as concerns about future financial security are one of the leading causes of distress for those transitioning away from the ADF.

By utilising the available funding for qualified financial advice, members can benefit from the creation of a comprehensive financial plan and the reassurance this provides. This makes for a much more relaxed transition and a brighter future post-transition.

Why Choose National Service Financial?

There are no ADF formal recommendations or aligned service providers for financial planning advice. So long as you work with a formerly qualified (FASEA) financial advisor you can claim compensation for their services. So who should you work with?   

At National Service Financial, we are owned and operated by a former ADF member. This means we not only offer expert financial planning advice but a unique understanding of your position.   

Our genuine and down-to-earth approach to financial planning is aimed at supporting ADF members to live the life they desire following their transition.

We offer judgement-free, dedicated service and specialise in DVA and ADF-linked pensions, payments and super. We are also highly skilled regarding the DHOAS and Defence Force Home Loans if needed.   

No matter whether you have commenced transition or are simply considering it, our team is here to guide you through the financial aspects with ease. To book your financial discovery appointment, contact National Service Financial today at 1300 580 802.